Woody James is dedicated to the language and romanticized imagery of the intinerant musician.On PLEDGE he explores his sources more and tries different approaches (an instrumental ; acoustic numbers) to appealing effect.” - Tom Harrison

— The Province

Comments on first single release LITTLE MISS QUEENIE/BREAK FREE 'Great sound and execution! Very Impressive !” - Adam Roddell

— Roddell Records

'Goodtime Rock n' Roll' this music is along the lines of Tom Petty, George Thorogood, firey guitar work!” - Tom Harrison

— 99.3 THE FOX

Woody James debut album BREAKIN' FREE was sent to me last Tuesday afternoon.After a couple listens of the disc it really started to grow on me. He has a unique spin on the classic rock format, and nobody I've heard can touch this guy on guitar. The sounds coming out of this fast pickin' Canadian rocker are just simply outstanding and very pleasing to the ear. Anxiously awaiting more material from this artist !” - Candice Cartwright

— Sunspot Reader Reviews